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energy industry services

Company was established 2008 and situates in Kurikka, Finland.

Kurikan Konepaja Oy offers services to energy industry from planning to mounting as customer requires. Strong experience of bio-energy plants and equipment manufacturing plus electrification and automation are our main strengths. When equipment and burning process are properly dimensioned from the start, customer is guaranteed to have effortless energy production.

Our products and services

  • Heat and power plants (1 MW – 20 MW)
  • Modernisation of plants (for example burning technology)
  • Electrification and automation
  • Designing (electrification/automation, pressure equipment, machines and constructs)
  • Mould patterns for the concrete industry
  • Steel constructs

Standards and quality management systems

  • EN 1090-1 and EN 3834-2 see documents in Finnish page (bottom part)
  • Coming soon: the CE mark according to EN 13084-7 free-standing steel chimneys